OSOGD September Events

The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn celebrated its Autumnal Equinox September 16 – 18. And each day was packed with esoteric excitement.

Friday, 9/16/16, Frater QES held a wonderful repast at Arcadia. It was an informal affair, with a good group of us engaged in esoterically tinged and generally fantabulistic conversations.

Saturday, 9/17/16, was a fully packed day, which kicked off at 11am with more socializing, this time at our usual location for the Neophyte Hall. After socializing, came a round of business meetings + productive discussions about how our Order may best function in the coming year. And then, after breaks for lunch + dinner, the Neophyte Hall itself, where Ra Hoor Khuit did indeed take his seat in the East. A new round of officers were installed, and congratulations to all of them!

Sunday, 9/18/16, was the big read-through + practice + co-creation, of our 2017 Pantheacon presentation, which I’m not sure I can mention by name here, but, it is on a theme near + dear to our Order members, + it promises to be a very elaborate + memorable presentation (+ hopefully someone will document it on video).

Meanwhile, yours truly, must sign off, this being my last column, as I’ve since relocated to the East Coast. But I thank everyone again for their well-wishes, + Frater CMS for that last great cake, and I will miss all of you, but I plan to stay active as you all know, and, more to be revealed.

Frater ODL JC

OSOGD in August

The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn held its monthly gathering on August 20, 2016.

The day’s events included a Practicus Advancement, Education Session, and a Hall of the Neophytes.

First up was the Practicus ceremony at 11am, or so. The new Practicus was none other than Frater QES, who had yet to undergo this ceremony, having been too busy previously with writing the Order’s rituals + his other projects. He acquitted himself most admirably, as you’d imagine. Congrats, Frater QES!

And then, at 3, the Education Session. Conducted by our new Practicus, Frater QES, this class continued to explore his more personal approaches to the Golden Dawn energetic work, including an intriguing segment on energetic/aura healing. Great stuff, and further such explorations are forthcoming, so come on by next time!

And finally, the Neophyte Hall, wherein we initiated a new member, Soror KT! The ceremony went quite smoothly, and our new Soror was well-prepared. And a big bonus, she’s an excellent dessert chef, as demonstrated at our post-ritual repast! Congrats Soror, and we welcome you aboard our Solar Boat.

OSOGD July Happenings

On July 16, 2016, the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn held its monthly gathering, consisting of an Education Session and Neophyte Hall.

The Education Session kicked off at 3pm, and was conducted by Frater QES, on “The Works of Fire”. Our dear Frater went over basic and more advanced practices for the body-energy and posture work we do during our Golden Dawn rituals. The session was quite well-attended + inspirational, from what I hear. Thank you Frater QES!

The Hall of the Neophytes launched at 7:30, as usual. A big night, with 2 new initiates + 2 guests. The ceremony + initiations went smoothly, and we successfully initiated Frater FTP + Frater PE. Congrats + welcome aboard!


OSOGD Activities of June 2016

On June 18, 2016, the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn held its monthly soiree, featuring an Educational Session followed by the Hall of the Neophytes.

The 3pm Educational Session was conducted by our ever-resourceful Fr. HOSV, this time speaking on the Tattwas as used by the Golden Dawn for meditation. From all reports it was a well-attended + informative affair.

The 7:30pm Hall was also quite successful, we had a new initiate: Soror EIN. Congrats, Soror! And we also had 2 guests, both of whom we enjoyed meeting and who appear to be interested in joining the Order.

Then yesterday evening, June 25th, Frater QES hosted a farewell party for Fr. IP + his wife at Arkadia. It was fun + well attended, with lots of excellent food + drink. And hats off to our Grill Master, Sr. LAAR, for the great BBQ action!

OSOGD Doings May 2016

The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn once again convened – on May 21, 2016 – for its monthly Education Session and Neophyte Hall.

“Meditation” was the topic of the 3pm Education Session. Specifically, the OSOGD Grade Meditations. The presentation was delivered by Frater QES, and was fun, informative, and well-attended, by all reports. Thank you, Frater QES.

And then, the Neophyte Hall kicked off just a few minutes later than usual, but otherwise went very smoothly. We did a Sandalphon working, and everyone had a memorable experience. We also had the honor + privilege of having a guest that evening, whom we all enjoyed meeting, and who apparently enjoyed the Hall as he’s officially applied for initiation.

Afterwards was our usual round of food, beverage, and conversation, during which Frater IP announced that he + his wife would be moving to Portland in July. We are happy for both of them, but they will also be missed.

Frater NNV

OSOGD activities for April 2016

On April 16, 2016, the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn held its monthly conclave, aka the Opening of the Hall of the Neophytes. The event was well-attended – including 2 honored guests who have applied for membership and who we all enjoyed meeting – and the energy and ceremony flowed especially well for a first ceremony with the new floor officers.

Earlier in the day we had an Educational Session on the LBRP, presented by our ever-energetic + insight-laden Frater QES, where we all were inspired to go further in our practice of this core, Golden Dawn ritual. Thank you, Frater QES.


OSOGD happenings – March 2016

And so it ’twas, that Ra-Hoor-Khuit once again took his seat in the East in our recent Vernal Equinox ceremony, on March 19, 2016 at BATT in Oakland, CA. There were no additional initiations, nor was there a separate education session, just this one important ceremony. Yes, there was a changing of the guard, as you may have surmised from previous OSOGD notices. The new floor officers are:

Hierophant – Fr. HGS
Hegemon – Fr. SVP
Hiereus – FR. NNV
Kerux – Sr. A
Dadouchos – Fr. IH
Stolistes – Fr. CMS
Sentinel – Sr. E

The ceremony was fairly flawlessly executed, + some powerful energies were experienced by various participants. Oh, + the wine + food were even more outstanding than usual, thanks to all who contributed!

The following day, Fr. QES held a small + informal gathering at Arkadia. Philosophical topics were discussed, wines quaffed, + meats expertly grilled (by the ever talented Sr. A), + duly consumed (along with tasty side dishes). Thanks Fr. QES for hosting! A wonderful time was had by all.

And that’s all he wrote,
for now.


OSOGD – February 2016 activities

The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn had an action-packed February, from which I’ve just now recovered enough to write this blog entry.

Pantheacon happened from 2/12 – 2/15. Another great edition of this preeminent pagan festival, filled with inspiring workshops, powerful rituals, and a full-spectrum of socializing, from mild to wild. A good many of us attended, and the OSOGD Hospitality Suite was as busy as, if not busier than, ever. Soror EUOM took charge of food + drink, while Sr. A handled the suite programming – a huge thanks to both Sorors, and everybody else who helped out with making our suite a success! We hosted a few outside presentations, in addition to various members providing I Ching readings (Fr. MSS), Theoricus Poker (Fr. IP), a workshop on our Buddhist practices (Fr. HOSV), + more which I’ve undoubtedly missed here (actually, everything is listed in the post preceding this one…). Lots of great conversations were had, + connections made, over wine + other consumables. The nights of the Green Fairy Party were crazed as usual, + our suite provided a highly social but more focused “overflow area”, in addition to staying open later than the wild fairies themselves!

Our ritual for Selene was very successful (lots of great feedback from audience members), well-attended, and we all felt her lunar energies filling the room. Thanks again to everyone who participated in + helped to organize the ritual, especially Frater HOSV + Soror Audax in the leading roles.

Fr. QES was definitely missed, but we also were proud that he was receiving his PhD across the pond, while we were enjoying the pagan lifestyle in San Jose. Congratz again, Frater QES!

And then, because too much is never enough, just 5 days later, on 2/20, it was time for our monthly shindig, this time a trifecta: an Advancement, an Education Session, and the Hall of the Neophytes.

We advanced Soror IP to Zelator in a ceremony well-performed by both the Order, and our new Zelator. Congratz, Soror IP!

Our Education Session was a debriefing – led by Fr. HOSV – of our Pantheacon ritual. We all brainstormed what worked, what didn’t (very little of that actually), and we came up with some good ideas for next year.

Finally, the Neophyte Hall itself went off without a hitch, and instead of an initiation, we performed an involved + enlightening “farewell” ritual to our Rite of Selene. Some members once again experienced the mystical presence of Luna’s energies, and everyone was moved in some significant way.

And now, on to our equinoctial changing of the guard in March!

Your GD reporter,



The OSOGD at PantheaCon 2016

PantheaCon is held on Friday, February 12th through Monday, February 15th at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, CA, USA. For more information on PantheaCon, please visit: http://pantheacon.com/wordpress/

You are invited to meet the OSOGD at PantheaCon 2016 in our suite located in room 1060, and for our “Hymns to the Moon” ritual on Sunday, February 14th at 1:30pm in the San Jose/Santa Clara rooms.

Schedule of events in our suite:

Friday, February 12th, Suite hours: 5pm – 1am

7:00pm – Film Screening: The Pagan Path                                  

This insightful film gives a rare inside view of the rich and vibrant culture experienced by present-day Pagans and Witches.

 9:00pm – 1:00am – Lunar Libations                                                                             

Enjoy good company, libations, lively conversation, and chill space.  

Saturday, February 13th, Suite hours: 12pm -1am

1:00pm  – Theoricus Poker                                                                         

Theoricus Poker is a variant of Liar’s Poker where the propositions are based on the astrological, qabbalistic and elemental correspondences of the tarot.

 3:00pm  – I Ching for Magicians                                                                       

This presentation offers an introduction to the divinatory technique of the I Ching, providing the critical information you’ll need to quickly put the oracle to use in your magick.

5:00pm – I Ching Divinations with Frater MSS                                     

As a follow-up from his previous presentation, Frater MSS will consult the oracle and help you interpret the results in this live consultation session.

7:00pm – Introduction to Hymns to the Moon                                               

An introductory lecture about our “Hymns to the Moon” theurgic offering rite for the Greek Goddess Selene.

9:00pm – 1:00am – Lunar Libations                                                                              

Sunday, February 14th, Suite hours: 5pm – 1am

5:00pm – About the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn

Meet the OSOGD!  Bring your questions and hear about the studies and practices that comprise the OSOGD curriculum towards adeptship.

7:00pm – Four Immeasurables and Dissolution into Shunyata         

We will learn and perform two of the central Buddhist practices in the OSOGD, the Four Immeasurables and the Dissolution into Shunyata (or Void). 

9:00 – 1:00am – Lunar Libations