The Golden Dawn Academy

Interested in learning the Golden Dawn system of magic?
Do you want to practice theurgy with the Open Source Order but live too far away?

Starting April 13, 2017, the OSOGD will be opening the doors of the Golden Dawn Academy, our new distance learning faculty using video conferencing to deliver ­lectures and practice coaching to students around the world.

Classes will be conducted on ­2nd & 4th Thursday nights, 7:30pm Pacific time.

First Class: The Golden Dawn Curriculum as taught by the Open Source ­Order: ­theurgically focused, non-Yahwistic, Thelemically inflected, and Buddhist informed.

Dr. Sam Webster will be the principal lecturer and supervise the program overall. The adepts of the OSOGD will also teach sections of the core curriculum and soon will offer more specialized depth courses in specific domains of GD knowledge and practice.

$40 per month or $200 for six months’ classes

Write to enroll:

fiscally sponsored by the Pantheon Foundation