Introduction to the OSOGD Curriculum

This curriculum is version 3.0 as it is the second major revision in the history of our Order to the curriculum. In the past we had thought of bringing the work of the Second Order more into the First. This approach is present in a variety of orders still extant however, I’ve not yet seen a fully successful application of 2nd order material within the first order. I believe this is due to the nature and purpose of the first order, namely intellectual preparation and the purification of the soul in preparation for the arising of the Augoeides Soma which is the fully articulate Soul. The 2nd Order is the community of Adepts and its purpose is the cultivation of magickal power and knowledge, especially with regard to the Holy Guardian Angel. The Third Order is most especially dedicated to the use of that knowledge and power for the benefit of all beings and has the ability to establish lines of initiation and to found orders.

Experience has shown that when 2nd order material is inflicted upon members of the 1st order, it tends to be a burden rather than a help. Therefore with the below, such transpositions are minimized and all are taken from the Portal work. To wit:

The task of making the ‘Complete Diagram of the Tree of Life’ has been moved to the 2=9 to aid in the study of the Qabalah. To this has been added the Middle Pillar exercise. Placing the Tree of Life in the Aura is now in Practicus and the Control of the Aura is in Philosophus. These moves are in keeping with the Iamblichan path, which dedicates this phase of the work to purifying and strengthening the soul in preparation to its transfiguration as the Augoeides Soma. (This produced the general requirement of 30 days of 3 LBRs per day and 30 days of Middle Pillars.) In line with this goal a new major piece of work has been added to the Portal tasks: the first elemental cycle. Using the technique of structured invocation, the Portal will begin to establish the Pentagram above the Cross. In preparation for this, Tatwa card construction is being demoted to the elemental halls so that they will be ready at the Portal. The Portal is also being restructured to focus more on the death part of it. It will be the ‘slain’ phase of the slain and risen cycle where the 5=6 is the ‘risen’ or reborn phase. For this reason the INRI formula will be introduced in Portal. The 5=6 will have its own new ‘key word’.

The last remaining change in the first order is the inclusion of Refuge and the Dedication of Merit from the practice of the Buddhadharma in the Neophyte. The reasons why we have found this so important are developed in the ‘Pagan Dharma” articles, part 1 and part 2, and in the “Dharma Wrapper” essay itself.

As to the 2nd Order, our approach is to simplify. We are removing the adept sub-grades, returning the grades to their functional purpose, major steps along the path of an adept. As developed below, the purpose of the Adeptus Minor is to attain to that which is called Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel. The Adeptus Major grade can only be entered when this realization has been achieved. Then under the guidance of the ‘Angel’ the Adept truly learns the great art of magick. The place of the Order is to consecrate the aspiring Minor Adept to the life-long task of learning and to provide a community of fellow practitioners to learn with and from. All of the senior officers of the Order, save one, should properly be of at least this grade as they can fully articulate the system and current of the Order and bear the burden of its administration. A fully realized Adeptus Major is a Master of Magick. When the Major Adept has acquired sufficient depth and breath of skill in the Art, systemic realizations will arise. To articulate the grade of Adeptus Exemptus, the Major Adept and Master Mage will begin the development of a new system of magick which may lead the Adept to form a new order or to add to the wealth of our Order’s knowledge. The Master Mage may appeal to the college of Adepti to be relieved of responsibility to the Order’s administration in order to cultivate this new flowering on the Tree. Success makes this adept a Doctor of Magick, one who is able to produce new doctrine. This grade is also the proper grade of the Chief Adept who is responsible for cultivating the current, the doctrine, and the practice of the Order.

Of the 3rd order it is inappropriate to speak here. Let the interested consult Liber B vel Magi in The Holy Books of Thelema.

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