Suggested Reading List

0=0 Suggested Reading:

  • The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie—Neophyte Ritual and Z-Document (in particular the First Knowledge Lecture)
  • Self-Initation into the Golden Dawn Tradition by Cicero—Intro 0=0 Explanation,
  • Shape of Ancient Thought by Thomas McEavilly
  • Golden Dawn Rituals & Commentaries by Pat Zalewski (available in private member library)
  • Seth, God of Confusion: A Study of His Role in Egyptian Mythology and Religion by H. Te Velde
  • Giordano Bruno and Hermetic Tradition by Francis Yeats (and anything else she wrote)
  • Theurgy and the Soul: The Neoplatonism of Iamblichus by Gregory Shaw,
  • Promethia by Alan Moor, et als.
  • Structural Implications in the Sepherot” by Sam Webster
  • Kabbalah Of The Golden Dawn by Pat Zalewski
  • Middle Pillar: The Balance Between Mind & Magic by Israel Regardie
  • Secret Knowledge Of The Neophyte by S.L. Macgregor Mathers
  • Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt by R. T. Rundle Clark

1=10 Suggested Reading:

  • The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie: Zelator Ritual
  • Earth Divination Earth Magic: A Practical Guide to Geomancy by John Michael Greer
  • The Geomancer’s Handbook by John Michael Greer

2=9 Suggested Reading:

  • The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie—Theoricus Ritual
  • The Caldean Oracles, Ruth Majeric
  • The Book of Thoth by Alester Crowley
  • The Tarot Revealed by Eden Grey—”I’m not sold on Grey’s Tarot book (even though it’s the book ‘I’ first learned from), but I can’t think of a better beginner’s level basic text to use instead.” —Fra P.555
  • Choice Centered Tarot by Gail Fairfield. “For using the tarot as a divinatory tool, I know of no more accessible source of instruction. Contains some information on the symbolism, but focuses primarily on reading the cards. I have found the interpretations of the card meanings to be amazingly on target. ” —Fra ODL JW

3=8 Suggested Reading:

  • The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie—Practicus Ritual
  • Pythagorean Sourcebook
  • Magical Tattwas by John Mumford—”Mumford is a bit Newage-y, but he’s easy for Westerners to wrap their brains around. McCoy’s a bit fluffy too, but still it’s a good basic beginner’s text.”
  • Astral Projection For Beginners by Edain McCoy

4=7 Suggested Reading:

  • The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie—Philosophus Ritual
  • Alchemy Resources
      “For those with a little extra cash ($99), there’s the complete study course from the Philosophers of Nature. All phases of practical alchemy including work with metals, etc. on this CD. Here’s the link to the eBay seller: Buy it there rather than on their website, as you pay twice as much otherwise.”
      “Dennis Hauck’s course is good (it started me off very nicely), but I have since discovered that it repeats a lot of what you find in the P.O.N. course and elsewhere. It was good for me because he supplied a small set of lab glassware, minimizing the up-front work I had to do, but this course was very expensive for what you get. Frankly, he’s been so busy that I never got any of my test results back, so… sadly, I can’t recommend his course at this time. Of course, you can get lots of nifty glassware & supplies from his website, and there’s some good reading material there too.”
      “Go here for a truly vast treasure trove of alchemical literature.”

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