To be studied in the Grade of Philosophus (4=7). Aspirants will be tested on their knowledge of the following material, which must be committed to memory.

see also: the Curriculum for more information

Describe the formation and significance of azoth.

AZOTH is a word formed from the initial and final letters of the Greek, Latin, and Hebrew Alphabets thus: A and Z, Aleph and Tau, Alpha and Omega. It is used with various meanings by different writers but generally signifies Essence.

Veils of the Negative Existence

Name—English Transliteration Name—Hebrew Meaning—English
Ain—the Negative Nothing—Not
Ain Soph Limitless
Ain Soph Aur The Limitless Light

Two titles of kether

Name—English Transliteration Name—Hebrew Greek Meaning—English
Arik Anpin Macroprosopus The Vast Countenance
Aatik Yomin Ancient of Days

Atributions of the Holy Name to the Four Worlds and the Four Suits

OSOGD Holy Name Traditional Holy Name Qabalistic World Tarot Suit
Atziluth Wands
Briah Cups
Yetzirah Swords
Assiah Pentacles

Fill in the Blanks:

In each of the four worlds are the 10 Sephiroth of that world and each Sephirah has its own 10 Sephiroth making 400 in all. This signifies the number of Tau, the Cross, The Universe and the completion of all things.

(The modern student may look at this and arrive at a different number for the total)

Describe the relationship of the Tarot deck to the Tree of Life.

The four aces are placed on the Throne of Kether—the remaining small cards of the suit desired on the respective Sephiroth, two on Chokmah, three on Binah, etc. The 22 Trumps are arranged on the paths between them, according to the Letters to which they correspond. The King and Queen are placed beside Chokmah and Binah respectively, the Knight and Knave by Tiphareth and Malkuth.

The trumps receive the equilibrium of the spheres they connect.

Draw the Latin Cross of 12 Squares

To What Path is it Related?

The 29th Path of Qoph (The Moon).

Fill in the Blank:

The Four Arms of the cross elucidate the ZODIAC which embraces the Waters of Nu, as the ancient Egyptians called the Heavens, the Waters which are above the Firmament. It also alludes to the Eternal River, divided into four streams which find their correlations in the four triplicities of the Zodiac.

Draw the Pyramid of the Four Elements.

To What Path is it related?

The 28th Path of Tzaddi (The Star).

Draw the Latin Cross of Ten Squares.

To what path is it related?

The 27th Path of Peh (The Tower)

Draw and explain the significance of the admission badge for the Grade of Philosophus.

The cross embraces Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, and rests upon Malkuth. The Latin Cross of Six Squares also refers to the six Sephiroth of Microprosopus and is the opened out form of the cube.

Draw the Symbol of Venus on the Tree of Life.

Draw the emanations of Kether diagram.

Include the names of each emanation, its attribution to the Tetragramaton, and the Sepherotic attributions.

Names connected to the Four Elements.

English Translation Hebrew
Hebrew Name Aretz
Great Name Adonai Ha Aretz
Cardinal Point North
Archangel Auriel
Elementals Gnomes


English Translation Hebrew
Hebrew Name Ruach
Great Name Shaddai El Chai
Cardinal Point East
Archangel Raphael
Elementals Sylphs


English Translation Hebrew
Hebrew Name Maim
Great Name Elohim Tzabaoth
Cardinal Point West
Archangel Gabriel
Elementals Undines


English Translation Hebrew
Hebrew Name Asch
Great Name Asherah Tzabaoth
Cardinal Point South
Archangel Michael
Elementals Salamanders

Two further Alchemical Attributions to the Tree of Life:

Element Set One Element Set Two
1 Mercury The Metallic Root
2 Salt Lead
3 Sulphur Tin
4 Silver Silver
5 Gold Gold
6 Iron Iron
7 Copper Hermaphroditical Brass
8 Tin Brass
9 Lead Mercury
10 Mercury Philosophorum Medicina Metallorum

The Qlippoth of the Tree of Life:

Qlippothotic Sepheroth Meaning
1 Thaumiel The two contending Forces
2 Ghogiel The Hinderers
3 Satariel The Concealers
4 Agshekeloh The Breakers in Pieces
5 Golohab The Burners
6 Tagiriron The Disputers
7 Gharab Tzerek The Ravens of Death
8 Samael The Liar or Poison of God
9 Gamaliel The Obscene Ones
10 Lilith Queen of the Night and of Demons

Draw the Seven Palaces attributed to the Ten Sephiroth Diagram.

Draw the Alchemical Symbol of Sulphur on the Tree of Life.

What does Tiphareth represent in the preceding diagram?

The “Purified” man.

Draw the Hexagram of Tiphareth on the Tree of Life.

Draw the symbol of Salt on the Tree of Life and explain the significance of the horizontal line.

Chose one

Source: Regardie Source: Zalewski
(For extra credit explain which diagram you think best represents the concept.)

The horizontal line represents the precept of Hermes, “As above so below.”

Draw the diagram illustrating the Triad operating through the Sephiroth.

Chose one

Source: Regardie Source: Zalewski

Attributions of the Pillars:

Black Pillar White Pillar
Direction North South
Viewed Side Left Right
Personal Side Right Left
Qaballistic Pillar Severity Mercy
Golden Dawn Office Stolistes Dadouchos
Masonic Name Boaz Jachin

Deconstruction of Astrological Symbols of the Planets
into Cross, Crescent, & Triangle:

Planet Metal Nature (color) Parts of the Human (special credit)
Circle Sun Gold Red Spirit
Crescent Moon Silver White Soul
Cross Body

The Cross is the symbol of corrosion.

Deconstruct two planetary symbols using the attributions above:

  • Saturn—Internally corrosive, externally Lunar
  • Jupiter—Internally Lunar, externally corrosive
  • Mars—Internally Solar, externally corrosive
  • Venus—Internally corrosive, externally Solar

Who and what is the Serpent of Nehushtan?

Associated with Moses, this snake is made of brass and climbs the paths of the Tree of Life in reverse order around the Middle Pillar.

Alchemical Definitions (fill in the blanks):

  • Raven signifies Initiation through blackness.
  • Lion signifies Heat and sulphurous action.
  • Eagle signifies Sublimation.

What is the primary difference between Chemical and Alchemical processes?

Gradual heat versus violent heat.

Alchemical definitions (fill in the blanks):

The Alembic can refer to either a still-head or a complete still ( consisting of a tube, a head, and a receiver_ ).

The Cucurbite is a glass boiler or receiver attached to the lower part the Alembic.

To produce a graduated heat an Alchemist would use the Athanor or Philosophical Furnace.

A vessel of hot water in which was placed the vessel to be heated is called the Balneum Mariae or Bain Marie.

A vessel of sand in which is place the vessel to receive a dry heat is called the Balneum Arenae or Sand Bath.

An oval glass vessel in which is place the water or liquid to be acted upon is called the Philosophic Egg. It may be hermetically sealed.

To advance to the grade of Portal, the following are also required:

Be prepared to perform transliterations using Yetziratic attributions. Your proctor will provide the source material.

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