To be studied in the Grade of Neophyte (0=0). Aspirants will be tested on their knowledge of the following material, which must be committed to memory.

see also: Z:File 0=0 – Supplement to the 1st Knowledge Lecture and the Curriculum for more information


The Four Elements of the Ancients are duplicated conditions of:


These twelve signs are distributed among the for Triplicities, or sets of three signs, each being attributed to one of the four Elements, and they represent the operation of the elements in the Zodiac.

The Planets

To the Ancients, six Planets were known, besides the Sun, which they classed with the planets. They also assigned certain planetary values to the North and south Nodes of the Moon that is, the points where her orbit touches that of the Ecliptic.

These they named:

The Old Planets are:

The Hebrew Alphabet

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Aleph A 1 Ox
Beth B,V 2 House
Gimel G,Gh 3 Camel
Daleth D,Dh 4 Door
He H 5 Window
Vau O,U,V 6 Pin or Hook
Zayin Z 7 Sword or Armor
Cheth Ch 8 Fence, Enclosure
Teth T 9 Snake
Yod I,Y 10 Hand
Kaph K,Kh 20,500 Fist
Lamed L 30 Ox Goad
Mem M 40,600 Water
Nun N 50,700 Fish
Samekh S 60 Prop
Ayin As,Ngh 70 Eye
Pe P,Ph 80,800 Mouth
Tzaddi Tz 90,900 Fish-hook
Qoph Q 100 Ear, back of head
Resh R 200 Head
Shin S,Sh 300 Tooth
Tau T,Th 400 Cross

Each letter represents a number and also has a meaning. Five letters have a different shape when written at the end of a word (remember, Hebrew is read right to left). Mem is the only final with an oblong shape. Kaph, Nun, Pe, and Tzaddi have tails that come below the line when written as finals. Hebrew Letters are Holy Symbols. They should be carefully drawn, and square.

The Sephiroth

The Hebrew Qabalists referred the highest and most abstract ideas to the Emanations of Deity, or Sephiroth. They believed that there were ten Sephiroth, and some occultists add an eleventh “invisible” Sephira – Da’ath, which is made up of the combined emanations of Wisdom and Understanding.The Names of the Sephira, and their meanings, can be seen arranged in the figure called the “Tree of Life” to the right.Below are the Hebrew renderings of the names. Note that the Hebrew letters are always read right to left.


Please see the separate Grade Meditations Page.

The Pillars in the Hall of Truth

Please see the separate PDF.

The Tale of Hoor

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The Dharma Wrapper

Sam Webster, 2001-2 The first step along our journey begins with asking for help. Learning to ask for and receive that help is one of the greatest supports on this long road. This is another exercise I’ve stolen from the Buddhists (there will be more), but it has been well received by the Pagans I’ve worked with. It is similar to a grounding in that it Read More. . .

The Rubric of the Ashera Version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The Qabalistic Cross Face East in center of working space Touch brow: Atoh (For Thine) Draw line down body and point to feet: Malkuth (is the Kingdom) Touch left shoulder: Ve-Gedulah (and the Glory) Touch right shoulder: Ve-Geburah (and the Power) Palms together at heart: Le-Olahm (Now and Forever) Casting the Circle Move to Eastern edge of working space Draw banishing Earth pentagram (start bottom left Read More. . .

Z File 0=0

Appendices to The First Knowledge Lecture for Neophyte Study and Practice Het-Nuit Lodge, OSOGD Vr. 0.9 – July 2002 EV NOTE: These are unofficial supplementary exercises. Daily Ritual/Exercises The Four-fold Breath The Three Ahs “No Mind” Meditation The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (See the Appendices for descriptions of the above.) Physical Exercise Practice a Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong regimen for at Read More. . .

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