The Rubric of the Ashera Version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The Qabalistic Cross

Face East in center of working space
Touch brow: Atoh (For Thine)
Draw line down body and point to feet: Malkuth (is the Kingdom)
Touch left shoulder: Ve-Gedulah (and the Glory)
Touch right shoulder: Ve-Geburah (and the Power)
Palms together at heart: Le-Olahm (Now and Forever)

Casting the Circle

Move to Eastern edge of working space
Draw banishing Earth pentagram (start bottom left point draw upwards to top point and continue around)
Visualize the letters of the Name in the space before you: AShRH (Ah-sher-ah)
Breathe them in and let them resound throughout your body until ready to explode outward.
Make the sign of the Enterer towards the Pentagram and vibrate the Name (this should exhaust you)
Retire into the sign of Silence and receive the reflux of the energy (this should recharge you)
Move clockwise/sunwise/deocil around the periphery of the space to the South-most point while drawing the circle
Repeat above using the Name: ADNI (Adonai) (Lord)
Move to the West, use: AHIH (Eheieh) (I am)
Move to the North, use: AGLA (Ah-gay-lah) (Ateh Gibor Leolahm Adonai, To Thee be the Power unto the Ages, O my Lord)
Complete circle by returning to the East

The Grand Conjuration

Return to the center of the space and face East

Stand in cruciform posture and gesture towards directions indicated:

Before me Raphael

Behind me Gabriel

On my right hand Michael

On my left hand Uriel

For about me Flame the Pentagrams

And in the Column shines the Six-rayed Star

Repeat Qabalistic Cross

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