To be studied in the Grade of Zelator (1=10). Aspirants will be tested on their knowledge of the following material, which must be committed to memory.

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The HOLY PLACE OR TEMPLE embraces the symbolism of the 22 letters.
The ALTAR OF INCENSE embraces the symbolism of the Three Mothers.

Give the Traditional attributions.

The SEVEN-BRANCHED CANDLESTICK embrace the symbolism of the Double Letters.
The TABLE OF SHEWBREAD embraces the symbolism of the Single Letters.

Give the OSOGD attributions.

The LAMPS OF HERU embraces the symbolism of the Double Letters.
The GIRDLE OF NUIT embraces the symbolism of the Single Letters.

Mother Letters


Double Letters


Single Letters

The Names and Alchemical Symbols of


The metals attributed to the PLANETS IN ALCHEMY are:


The following terms are used in Alchemy.
They have the meanings given below:

Sol Philosophorum: The Pure Living Alchemical Spirit of Gold–the refined essence of heat and fire

Luna Philosophorum: The Pure Living Alchemical Spirit of Silver–the refined essence of heat and moisture

The Green Lion: The Stem and Root of the Radical Essence of Metals

The Black Dragon: Death–Putrefaction–Decay

The King — Red: The Qabalistic Microprosopus

The King — Tiphareth: Analagous to Gold and the Sun

The Queen — White: The Qabalistic Bride of Microprosopus

The Queen — Malkah: Analagous to Silver and the Moon

The Elements

The Four Orders of the Elements are:

  1. The Spirits of the Earth: Gnomes
  2. The Spirits of the Air: Sylphs
  3. The Spirits of the Water: Undines
  4. The Spirits of the Fire: Salamanders

The Kerubim are the Living Powers of Tetragrammaton on the Material Plane and the Presidents of the Four Elements. They operate through the Fixed or Kerubic Signs of the Zodiac and are thus symbolized and attributed:

Kerub of Air Human Aquarius
Kerub of Fire Lion Leo
Kerub of Earth Bull Taurus
Kerub of Water Eagle Scorpio

The Fylfot Cross

The Tree of Life

This diagram shows the Ten Sephiroth with all the connecting Paths, which are linked by the Flaming Sword.

The Flaming Sword is formed by the Natural Order of the Tree of Life. It resembles a Flash of Lightning.

Together the Sephiroth and the 22 Paths form the 32 Paths of the Sefer Yetzirah, or Book of Formation

The Two Pillars on either side of the Altar represent:

  • Active: The White Pillar on the South Side. Mercy. Male. Pillar of Light and Fire. Right Kerub. Hadit.
  • Passive: The Black Pillar on the North Side. Severity. Female. Pillar of Cloud. Left Kerub. Nuit.

The Four Worlds of the Qabalah are:

ATZILUTH Archetypal — Pure Deity
BRIAH Creative — Archangelic
YETZIRAH Formative — Angelic
ASSIAH Action — Matter, Man, Shells, Demons

The Ten Houses, or Heavens, of Assiah, the Material World, are:

1. Primum Mobile Rashith ha Gilgalim
2. Sphere of the Zodiac Mazloth
3. Sphere of Saturn Shabbathai
4. Sphere of Jupiter Tzedek
5. Sphere of Mars Madim
6. Sphere of the Sun Shemesh
7. Sphere of Venus Nogah
8. Sphere of Mercury Kokab
9. Sphere of the Moon Levannah
10. Sphere of the Elements Olam Yesodoth

In the Arts of Divination, such as The Tarot and Astrology, the QUESITED refers to the subject of the reading, and the QUERENT refers to the person requesting the reading, who may also be performing the reading.

The Tarot

The Tarot consists of a pack of 78 cards made up of Four Suits of 14 cards each, together with 22 Trumps, or Major Arcana, which tell the story of the Soul.

Each suit consists of ten numbered cards, as in the modern playing cards, but there are four instead of three Honors (face cards):

Traditional Deck Thoth Deck
King Knight
Queen Queen
Knight Prince
Page Princess

The Four Suits are:

Tarot Suit Playing Card Suit
Wands or Scepters Clubs
Cups or Chalices Hearts
Swords Spades
Pentacles, Coins or Disks Diamonds

The 22 Tarot Trumps, or Major Arcana, are:

Number Thoth Deck Traditional Deck
0 The Fool The Foolish Man
1 The Magus The Magician, The Juggler
2 The High Priestess The High Priestess, The Popess
3 The Empress The Empress
4 The Emperor The Emperor
5 The Hierophant The Hierophant, The Pope
6 The Lovers The Lovers
7 The Chariot The Chariot
8* Adjustment Strength
9 The Hermit The Hermit
10 Fortune The Wheel of Fortune
11* Lust Justice
12 The Hanged Man The Hanged Man
13 Death Death
14 Art Temperance
15 The Devil The Devil
16 The Tower Tower Struck By Lightning
17 The Star The Star
18 The Moon The Moon
19 The Sun The Sun
20 The Aeon Last Judgment
21 The Universe The World

The Classes of Astrology

  • Natal: Analysis of the Birth Chart, relates to a Querent’s personal characteristics.
  • Horary: Determination of favorable times for the Querent to take a particular action.
  • Medical: Influences on health and well-being of the Querent.
  • Mundane: Prediction of events as they are concerned with groups and entire races of people, or the world.


Just as we divide the band of the ecliptic into 12 divisions according to the Signs of the Zodiac, so we divide the astrological chart into 12 Houses, beginning with the eastern horizon (ascendent) when the Querent was born. The positions of the Signs and Planets in the sky therefore fall into specific Houses at that moment in time. If we think of the Signs as relating to the inherent physical and psychic anatomy, and the Planets as functional modifiers of this pattern, then the Houses represent the outward environment and avenues of expression for the pattern.The 12 Houses reflect the meanings of the 12 Signs; the 1st House is like unto Aries, the 2nd House unto Taurus, and so on.

The following is the signification of the 12 Houses of Heaven, in brief:

  • First House: Life, health, querent, etc.
  • Second House:Money, property, personal worth.
  • Third House: Brothers, sisters, news, short journeys.
  • Fourth House: Mother. Rank and honor, trade or profession, authority, and worldly position.
  • Fifth House: Children, pleasure, feasts, speculation.
  • Sixth House: Servants, sickness, uncles and aunts, small animals.
  • Seventh House: Love, marriage, spouse; partnerships and associations, public enemies, lawsuits.
  • Eighth House: Deaths, wills, legacies; pain, anxiety. Estates of deceased. Magick.
  • Ninth House: Long journeys, voyages; science, religion, art, visions and divinations.
  • Tenth House: Father, landed property, inheritance.
  • Eleventh House: Friends, hopes and wishes.
  • Twelfth House: Sorrows, fears, punishments, enemies in secret, institutions, unseen dangers, restriction.


There is an angle between every two planets in a horoscope which is measured in degrees. When the angle produces a signifcant interaction between two or more planets they are said to be “in Aspect.” The angles which give rise to the “Major Aspects” are produced by dividing a circle by units of 2 and 3 (just as the Zodiac is produced by such a division). In order for two or more planets to be in Aspect they must be within a certain distance of the exact angle of division. This is referred to as the Orb of the Aspect, and generally means they must be within 5 to 12 degrees to be noticable, depending on the apparent size of the Planet in the sky. Therefore the Sun and Moon have the largest Orbs, and the smallest orbs are assigned to the Inner Planets.

Aspect Symbol Degrees Meaning
Opposition 180 Full Tension (energy cancelling)
Trine 120 Full Harmonious Cooperation
Square 90 Dynamic Tension (energy releasing)
Sextile 60 (weaker) Harmonious Cooperation
Conjuction 0 Union, Harmony dependent on Character
Parallel <1 degree Resonant Interaction

Please see the separate Grade Meditations Page.

Sources: Israel Regardie, Aleister Crowley, Llwellyn George

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