To be studied in the Grade of Theoricus (2=9). Aspirants will be tested on their knowledge of the following material, which must be committed to memory.

see also: the Curriculum for more information

Portions of the Qabalistic Soul Corresponding Sepheroth
Yechidah Kether
Chiah Chokmah
Neschamah Binah
Ruach Chesed through Yesod (inclusive)
Nephesch Malkuth

Spirits defined

Astral Spirits are those belonging to the Astral Plane. Such are false and illusionary forms, shells of the dead, and ghosts and phantoms.

Elemental Spirits are those belonging to the nature of the Elements; some are good and some are evil.

Angels are pure and high Spirits of unmixed good in office and operation.

Describe or draw the “solid greek cubical cross.”


The Equilibrated and Balanced Forces of the Elements.

What is on it?

The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

It is the admission badge for what path?

The 32nd path, the path of Tau ().


In the tarot, the ten small cards of each suit refer to the Sepheroth.

Tarot Suit Qabalistic World Tetragramaton
Traditional OSOGD
Wands Atziluth
Cups Briah
Swords Yetzirah
Pentacles Assiah

The Honors in the deck are the vice-gerants of the Great Name.

Honor Card Familial Relationship Principle
King Father Birth
Queen Mother Life
Knight Son Death
Princess Daughter Resurrection


The Caduceus of Hermes formed of the Mother Letters The Caduceus on the Tree of Life

What is the meaning of Luna on the Tree of Life?

In its increase it embraces the side of Mercy; in its decrease the side of Severity, and at the full, it reflects the Sun of Tiphareth.


Please see the separate Grade Meditations Page.

The Tattvas

These are the Tattvas (sometimes ‘Tatwas’) or elemental symbols of the Vedic system. They are based on different ways of building the altars of sacrifice, depending on the offering to be made and its purpose. By combining them in pairs they also form sub-elemental symbols, (e.g. Air of Fire) that can be used to more deeply explore the elements. In this form they are kin to the Court Cards of the Tarot. In the Practicus you will need to make a set of Tatwa cards, single symbol and doubled.

More information about Tattvas is available amongst the Flying Rolls.

To advance to the grade of Practicus, the following are also required:

  • Arrange and Conclude a conversation with the Praemonstrator. Be prepared to discuss in detail:
    • Your experience of the above meditation
    • Your experience of the Middle Pillar Ritual

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