Greetings to all members, colleagues and friends of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn!

In the fall of 2002, the OSOGD first launched its website. Originally housed on a server residing in a member’s living room, the site was immediately located by many individuals from around the globe and received a flood of inquiries and emails. The site has changed little since those early hectic days but it remains our face to the world and our primary means of communication.

We are therefore very pleased to launch this, our new website, which utilizes an upgraded platform and new web technologies. In the weeks and months to come, we will be building out functionality and adding new sections and features. Please take a look around, and check back often – the site will showcase posts from OSOGD members to keep you updated on our activities and projects.

The OSOGD website is currently managed entirely by our talented members who do this work gratis. I would like to especially thank Frater Quisito Ergo Sum, Frater Heru Zeshen and Frater Maa-na Seru Setau for their dedication and hard work to bring this new site into being.

From our hearts, minds, and hands, we invite you to use and share our resources, for the benefit of all beings. So mote it be!


Soror Heru Khu na’Ab
Cancellarius General, OSOGD

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