OSOGD Activities of July 2015

On Saturday, 7/18/15, the OSOGD met once again for its monthly day/night of activities. Our program was another Educational Session, and then a Neophyte Hall, as we are wont to do.

Fr. HOSV again conducted the Educational Session, this time a class devoted to practicing and honing our ritual gestures. He started out by recounting how helpful his college Aikido classes have been in getting physically connected with these. Next, we each performed our version of a given gesture in front of the class, and received useful and humorous feedback from all Fraters + Sorors in the room. We covered a range of things, including: Standing, the Qabalistic Cross, Pentagrams, Sign(s) of the Enterer and of Silence, Signs made while circumambulating, Breathing, and, lastly, Voice Intonation for the QC.

Afterwards, half of us went Vietnamese for dinner, and there enjoyed some brainstorming over Pantheacon presentation ideas.

We then returned to the Temple and set up for Hall. Our working that night was an Invocation of the Choir of the Chayot ha’Qodesh, the angels present in Kether. The working seemed just as successful as our last invocation had been (for the Ophanim, in Chokmah). A number of people reported significant visions, a couple of those being (remarkably) quite similar to each other.

Afterwards, another fabulous bout of eating, drinking, and socializing ensued, before we had to call it quits for the evening.