OSOGD Activities of October 2015

On Saturday, October 17, 2015, the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn held its monthly gathering. Just the Educational Session + the Neophyte Hall, in stark contrast to September’s veritable explosion of activity, but much fun + profundity nonetheless.

Frater QES kicked off the day at 3:30 with an excellent talk in which he deconstructed the LBRP, giving historical + mathematical background material which greatly enriched everyone’s understanding of the Golden Dawn’s most fundamental (+ thus, perhaps, most important) ritual. Our Frater also gave an inspiring look at the process of working through Portal, and how it ties into the LBRP.

Then it was lunch at the Vietnamese place for the majority of attendees, where I ordered the Beef Stew and was underwhelmed, for the first time there.

Back to the Temple + we set up for Hall. We had one guest in attendance, who shall remain nameless, but whom everyone enjoyed meeting, + talking to, + who may become our next Neophyte Initiate. The Hall itself unfolded smoothly enough, but with some tiny hiccups (including by yours truly), as it was the first official Hall done by the new officers. But I’m sure next time will be completely smooth sailing! Meanwhile, we did an excellent group version of the Middle Pillar working + reaped the benefits of our collective mind, heart, and soul. Sadly, I missed most of the socializing afterward, but I suspect it was as lively as usual.

And that’s all he wrote,