OSOGD at PantheaCon 2019

As in years past, the OSOGD will be hosting a hospitality suite at PantheaCon this year, namely in Room 1060 of the Doubletree San Jose. This year our suite features an intimate ritual held on Saturday (Feb. 16, 2019) at 6:30pm, titled Saturn and the End of the Matter, in which we will invoke the Lord of Limits to face these days of change. Also, on Sunday (Feb. 17, 2019) at 11:00pm, we will be providing 0=0 Neophyte initiations into the Order of the Golden Dawn using the Pagan version of our ritual (in the Cedar/Pine room at the DoubleTree San Jose).

Friday and Saturday evenings after 8pm join us for refreshment and respite. On Sunday evening, we will open the suite after we return from our PantheaCon ritual (see above). Rest in peace within our temple for Saturn, and celebrate the forthcoming Sunset of our Order in Autumn 2019 with drinks and stories in fond memorial as our barque slips into the horizon.

Friday, Feb. 15, 2019 (suite opens @6:30pm)

6:30pm-7:30pm: Refresh Your Godforms: Poise and Power w/Sr. HSPE (Workshop)
In Golden Dawn rituals, all participants are instructed to visualize themselves as a godform. But what exactly is a godform? How does it differ from a god? What is it good for? And how do you make it work for you? In this interactive workshop, participants will:
* Learn what godforms are in the Golden Dawn system, and what they are not,
* Practice putting on and taking off a godform, and
* Practice drawing on the godform to enhance their ritual poise.

8:00pm-1:00am: Wake the Spirits (Social)
Drink, laugh, sing, and cry with us as we recount the glories of days past and share that which binds the living and dead in community.

Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019 (suite opens @2:30pm)

2:30pm-3:30pm: Altar Craft w/Sam Webster, PhD, M.Div, Mage (Workshop)
When serving the Gods and offering our devotions, work at the altar is one of our primary ways of cultivating our Divine relationships. Establishing the altar, making offerings, and performing our invocations are all in service to developing our connection and elevating our souls. We will look at ancient Greek and contemporary Tantric methods of altar work using the tools and symbols we have in our own culture.

4:30pm-5:30pm: Pentagrams and Hexagrams of the Golden Dawn w/Sr. HOSV (Workshop)
When you trace a pentagram, which point do you start from, and which direction do you go? How about hexagrams? The Golden Dawn system of pentagrams and hexagrams is a useful tool for elemental and planetary ritual. Come wave your arms at the walls with us as we practice drawing our lineal figures; take notes, or learn kinesthetically. We’ll also learn and perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, a foundational GD ritual for individual practice.

6:30pm-8:00pm: Saturn and the End of the Matter (Ritual)
We will be hosting this intimate ritual on Saturn’s-day in which we will invoke the Lord of Limits to face these days of change. Open to all Con attendees, but space is limited and we reserve the right to refuse entry. Please arrive promptly.

8:00pm-1am: Masquerade of the Lord of Misrule (Social)
Io Saturn! Join us in masked finery as we celebrate the chaotic and absurd with drinks, music, and bawdy laughs. Fancy dress encouraged!

Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019 (suite opens @2:30pm)

2:30pm-3:30pm: Theoricus Poker (Game)
Much like the game of Uno, Crazy 8s, or Liar’s Poker, but with a deck of tarot cards, Theoricus Poker is a game of luck and wit. Test your Qabbalistic correspondences and tarot interpretation skills against rival players to win a free tarot deck!

4:30pm-5:30pm: Contract Law Principles & Working with Spirits – Part II w/Fr. HGS (Workshop)
In a follow-up to his workshop last year, Frater HGS (Sam Lam) will continue his discussion on how to apply principles of contract law to working with spirits. Special attention will be paid to how agreements are to be enforced, review of famous magical pacts, and specific issues for drafting pacts within the Western occult and grimoire framework.

6:30pm-7:30pm: 0=0 Neophyte Ritual Discussion (Workshop)
Join members of the College of the Rose Cross to discuss godforms, symbolism, and energy work within the Neophyte Ritual, a cornerstone ritual within the magical practices of the Golden Dawn.

11:00pm-1:00am: PANTHEACON EVENT – Last Voyage on the Barque of Ra: 0=0 Initiations
We will provide initiations into the Golden Dawn, as time permits, using our Pagan rendering of the Neophyte (0=0) ritual. The event is scheduled to take place in the Cedar/Pine room at the DoubleTree San Jose. If you are interested in initiation, please come prepared with a motto (for a copy of the script, please read the Hall of the Neophyte ritual scripts available on the OSOGD Redactions of Classic Golden Dawn rituals page).