OSOGD in August

The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn held its monthly gathering on August 20, 2016.

The day’s events included a Practicus Advancement, Education Session, and a Hall of the Neophytes.

First up was the Practicus ceremony at 11am, or so. The new Practicus was none other than Frater QES, who had yet to undergo this ceremony, having been too busy previously with writing the Order’s rituals + his other projects. He acquitted himself most admirably, as you’d imagine. Congrats, Frater QES!

And then, at 3, the Education Session. Conducted by our new Practicus, Frater QES, this class continued to explore his more personal approaches to the Golden Dawn energetic work, including an intriguing segment on energetic/aura healing. Great stuff, and further such explorations are forthcoming, so come on by next time!

And finally, the Neophyte Hall, wherein we initiated a new member, Soror KT! The ceremony went quite smoothly, and our new Soror was well-prepared. And a big bonus, she’s an excellent dessert chef, as demonstrated at our post-ritual repast! Congrats Soror, and we welcome you aboard our Solar Boat.