Sunset of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn

Effective on the Autumnal Equinox (i.e., in September) of 2019, the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn will withdraw its Light from its Outer manifestation and no longer provide initiation, mentorship, education, or other services.  Although Adepts of the OSOGD may separately choose to teach the OSOGD system in their own capacity, the Order will no longer provide the foregoing services following the date of withdrawal.

Since 2001, the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn has initiated and made Adepts of magicians from across the world, in pursuit of its goal to normalize Adeptship. It has succeeded in that goal in several respects, including through the public dissemination of its rituals and other materials, the initiation and advancement of aspirants through the OSOGD curriculum, and public and community efforts.  

However, the senior OSOGD membership has decided to redirect its work towards new endeavors and thus has chosen to place the First Order into abeyance with as much grace, intention, and deliberateness as possible.  As part of this transition, the OSOGD will seek to archive its materials to make them even more useful to future generations, who we hope will take these materials to create their own groups, practices, and systems.  We look forward to seeing those creations.

We thank you for allowing us the high honor of serving this community.

May what we have partaken bring us to the quintessence, the Great Work, the Summum Bonum, True Wisdom, and Perfect Happiness.  So mote it be.