This Is The Golden Dawn, Not That

The recent election in the USA, the Brexit vote in the UK, and the rise of nationalistic and racially divisive politics around the world have invoked the worst in many people and places, and the magical world is no different.

Generally, magical orders such as the Golden Dawn and the OTO refrain from political commentary as being “worldly” and unconnected with a man or woman’s spiritual quest. In the OSOGD, it has always been our stated policy that within the Lodge, one’s personal politics, like one’s personal religious beliefs, are none of the Order’s business. In this we follow the long standing tradition of Freemasonry. We are all brothers and sisters under the Rose.

But such a position also requires we, as an Order, and our leaders, as its spokespersons, refrain from entering into political frays under the banner of the Order. In our formative years, there were some who wanted the Order to adopt a policy of progressive social activism, similar to groups such as Reclaiming. In the end, this approach was rejected. As such, we have never promoted or denounced any political party or figure officially. And we will not break that tradition, even now.

As an Order we decided years ago to refrain from any more “witch wars” with the Golden Dawn group referred to below. They are quite welcome to pursue their path without commentary from us. We certainly have no quarrel with the OTO, and in fact we share a ritual space with a local OTO oasis. But now, we find on social media posts like this:


We cannot let this go unanswered. We must speak up so the world knows that THE Golden Dawn Community, as in the vast majority of dedicated students of Magic, belonging to scores of Lodges and groups under the banner of the Order, do NOT subscribe to hate, to bigotry, to prejudice, and have no desire to drag their organizations through the muck of the current political atmosphere. Again, the beliefs of our individual members are none of the Order’s business, and unlike that one particular group’s leader, we would never presume to use the resources of the Order, or the mantle of spiritual leadership, to promote our personal political beliefs.

We all have our work to do, to build a better society and better world, and if the Golden Dawn has a place in that endeavor, it is to produce more and better Adepts, who will go forth in the world and do their Will, with Equanimity, Loving-kindness, Compassion and Joy. We ask that we not ALL be judged by the inappropriate and incendiary words of what is a small, if loud, minority of the followers of the Golden Dawn Tradition.

The First Adept and the Areopagus Council of the OSOGD