On the Seal of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn

by Frater A.o.C.

An exposition on the symbolism of the Seal of our Order.

Due to the New Aeon nature of the OSOGD (and due to possible registered trademark restrictions on the use of the more “traditional” symbol of the Order), the OSOGD has devised a new Glyph to represent the Order and it’s Magical Formula.

Following Golden Dawn tradition, this seal will appear on all offical documents and instructional materials of the Order. More than a mere “logo”, it is a magically “charged” talisman that encompasses many of our teachings and practices, using the symbolic language of Sacred Geometry.

The overall design is based on the Yin-Yang symbol, (two manifesting from one) with the Yin on the left and Yang on the right, alluding to the Pillars. Since the white is uppermost, it also indicates the Light over the Darkness, or the rising of the Light. The Yin-Yang is derived from the Vescia Pisces in Western Geometry, and creates a vertical generative expansion from the center, alluding to the Middle Pilar.

The Red Cross inside the upper “Yang” circle is depicted not as the Christian icon of the Calvalry Cross, but as the “cross of six squares”, the true Cubical Cross, and alludes to the Hexagram.

The size of the squares that form the Cubical Cross allow for five squares to be extended across the central axis, alluding to the Pentagram.

The line that cuts across the top of the three horizontal squares is centered in the surrounding circle, and 16 of the same-sized squares can fit inside and “square” the circle, giving us the square root of four and alluding to the Sphere of Chesed (Jupiter) and the Throne of the Praemonstrator. This is an important distinction, as the Golden Dawn orders of the Old Aeon were almost always symbolically administered from Geburah (Mars) and the Throne of the Imperator. Our Order considers this to be a defunct and harmful approach.

The lower, dark “Yin” circle has the luminous triangle, which is symbolic in the Golden Dawn of the Light mainfesting from Darkness. It also gives us the number three. So we have a progression of all the numbers from 1 to 6.

The two inner circles are colored a gradient gold, with the brightest point converging at the center, or horizon — the coming of the Dawn.

The Seal is also a Sigil, in the manner devised by artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare. A sigil of this kind is derived using the letters of the language of its creator, as a statement or name rendered into a symbolic glyph with magickal properties.

So therefore the letters O – S – O – G – D can be seen to make up the form of the Seal. The O and S are fairly obvious. The D is made from the Triangle (Greek Delta) and the G is in the upper circle made by the angles of the cross in the circle. It places the “G-D” in order from top to bottom. So to trace our Order’s name, draw the “O” around the top circle, the “S” by snaking down to the lower circle, then drawing around the lower circle for the second “O”. Then, loop back to the top circle and draw the “G” using the cross as the inner lines of “G”, then drop down and trace the “D” on the triangle.

“For by Names and Images all Powers are awakened and re-awakened.”

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