Flying Rolls No. XXIV


By V. H. Frater Resurgam (Dr. Berridge)

Verified Horary Figure by Nemo.
Question: Will querited die of his present illness?

Hearing by letter that my maternal uncle, an octogenarian was seriously ill from pneumonia, I drew a figure for the moment of intuition to do so, which was while reading the communication. His illness had commenced about February 7th and he was now confined to bed.

The student can easily cast the figure for 11.45 a.m. February 26th 1887 London W. RA of M 22h 25m 6s and 33221’24° in arc. Pisces 0.17 culminating Aries. Cancer 445 ascending; Sol in Pisces 732’47”, Luna in 1623′, Mercury in Pisces 2319, Venus in Pisces 2754; Mars in Pisces 2032. Jupiter in Virgo 548, retrograde, Saturn in Cancer 1554′ retrograde, Uranus in Libra 1146′ retrograde, Neptune in Taurus 2510′. Declination Sol 843′ S. Luna 247’19° N. Mercury 229′ S. Venus 156′ S. Mars 431′ S. Jupiter 129′ S. Saturn 2225′ N. Uranus 359′ S. Neptune 1725′ N. The Moon’s North node was in Leo 27.35, Pars Fortuna was in Leo 1332. The Moon’s motion in longitude was 1149’56° in the 24 hours.

As the querited was the fourth of my maternal uncles and aunts, my mother being the youngest of the family, I took the 10th House of the figure for herself and the 12th (or 3rd from the 10th) for her eldest brother or sister, the 2nd for the 2nd, the 4th for the 3rd and the 6th for the 4th, the querited, and correspondingly the 1st (or 8th from the 6th) for his 8th or House of Death.

There Mars ruled querited’s 1st House and Luna his 8th, the aspect being Luna 25.51. Taurus, separating from the quindecile (24) and applying to his semisextile. The past aspects being good but very weak showed his past state of health, which had been very fair considering his age, but not robustóthe applying aspect being good and stronger than his preceding, Mars moreover being dignified by triplicity, term and decanate and also receiving Luna by House, sure recovery from illness was shown, but at the same time not absolute restoration to health. Had the significant been applying to a Trine or even a Sextile I should have predicted not only complete recovery from his acute attack, but also a continuance of a vigorious old age. Had the case been chronic I should have predicted a partial restoration of health at the time indicated. In this instance however, acute pneumonia being a self limited disease, I predicted a complete recovery from the pulmonary attack itself and an escape from death, but not restoration to vigorous health. Nevertheless the severity and danger of the illness was shown by Cauda in querited’s 4th House, by Saturn, lord of his 4th posited in close Square to Luna, ruler of his 8th posited in his 6th and slow in motion. As Luna, the applying significator, was in a movable sign and a succedent house, each degree signified a week; therefore as wanted 49′ of the complete Semisextile, I judged that querited would be convalescent in 4 weeks and 1 day, or March 27th. On March 29th he walked out in his garden for the first time and fully recovered from the pneumonia.


(1) This shows the necessity of selecting the exact house corresponding to querited and not generalising. Had I taken his 12th house of the figure as signifying maternal uncles and aunts in general (being his 3rd from the 10th, and the 7th (or 8th from 12th) for querited’s death, the aspects of the Lords thereof would have been Venus 105 Saturn exactly, and applying to Square, showing present fair health and danger to life in 8 weeks, which was not the case (Future 1.106).

(2) It made no difference to the selection of the 6th house of the figure as the querited’s 1st, that two elder brothers (the 1st and 3rd of the family) were deceased. They has to be taken into consideration in the calculation of his appropriate house, just the same as if they had been living.

(3) Had I taken the 8th house of the figure as signifying querited’s death, the aspect would have been Mars 115.22 Saturn, applying to 108, signifying recovery in 7-1/2 weeks which was also not the case (Future1.107).

(4) Luna was in latitude 358′ S and Mars in 050′ S, adding the sum of these to the degrees and minutes required to form the perfect Semisextile, and converting the total amount so obtained into time, would have prolonged the time of the event by 448′ or nearly five weeks; yet recovery occurred only two days after the exact time predicted (Future 1.60).

(5) Luna was 13 distant from the cusp of the house in which he was posited, yet this made no difference whatever in the calculation of time (Future 1.60).

(6) Luna applied to par. decl. Mars being 143’4° distant; yet no danger to life occurred at the corresponding time (Future 1.109).

(7) As the question was concerning the querited only, Scorpio, the sign of his 1st hour described him, a corpulent, strong, able body, somewhat broad and square face, short necked, a squat well-trussed fellow (Lilly p. 63). But the ascendant of the figure does not describe myself, because though the querent, the question was not concerning myself (Future, 1.171).

(8) Uranus is strongly dignified in Scorpio; but the sign is not its diurnal home. Were it so, the aspect would have been Luna 17523′, Uranus separating from Opposition, implying past danger to life and applying to the Quadrasextile (150); signifying some illness in about 25-1/2 weeks, neither of which significations were in accordance with facts (Future 1.29.30).

(9) As Mars ruled both the querited’s 1st and 6th Houses no judgement could be formed from the Lord of the 6th, otherwise it would have entered in the calculation, though in a question of the duration of life, I consider the 8th House coeteri paribus, the most important (Future1.108).

(10) In this figure Mars was in the 10th, subradius and applying to combustion, also Saturn, Lord of the 7th, was in his detriment and retrograde both being therefore ëunfortunate’. Nevertheless I did not ëend in the discredit of the artist’ but the reverse, neither was I unable to ëscarce give a solid judgement’ (Future 1.109-1).

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