OSOGD Activities of December 2015

Once again, the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn was busy on the third Saturday of the month.

On December 19, we enjoyed another Hall of the Neophytes, an Education Session, and an elemental Advancement, in our small but vital community, meeting in Oakland as usual.

First, the Advancement, wherein Frater CMS became officially attached to the Tree, moving up from Neophyte to Zelator. Congrats, Frater! Set-up for this ceremony commenced a bit after 10AM, main action starting just after 11. The Zelator advancement is our shortest such ritual, about 1.5 hrs, during which Frater CMS acquitted himself admirably.

After that, we broke for a long lunch, almost entirely Mexican this time. Then, we sat down for Fr. HOSV’s Education Session, this one devoted entirely to our upcoming ritual at Pantheacon. A lunar ritual, and it promises to be a doozy. Lots of inspiring content + ideas were shared by all, + I’m definitely looking forward to participating in it.

After this, a dinner journey to Vietnam, by way of East Oakland. Lots of Pho.

Then, back to set-up for Hall, which began on time at 7:30. There were no initiations, so we did a wonderful guided meditation, written + led by our Hierophant, Fr. HOSV. After that, more drinking + socializing, and then the inevitable group exodus.

Just 6 days later, Fr. QES held his annual Mithrasmas dinner at Arcadia. An awesome time had by all, about 20 OSOGD members feasting on salmon, a range of great side dishes + desserts, wine, beer, armagnac, and possibly more. Fr. QES was/is an impeccable salmon chef + host, giving us all gifts + a fascinating look at Mithraism’s unusual history + symbolic content. I had a great time talking with everyone, and the mood was quite festive. One of the best “Xmas” experiences I’ve ever had.

And that’s all for 2015, see you in the New Year!

Fr. Nun Nun Vitriol