OSOGD Activities of November 2015

This past Saturday – November 7, 2015 – the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn held an earlier than usual Education Session and Neophyte Hall.

Frater HOSV conducted a stimulating workshop on Electional and Horary astrology. We were introduced to some core principles of both systems – touching on Al-Kindi, Agrippa, Iamblichus, and others – and everybody enjoyed learning about these different approaches to Western astrology.

Next up was dinner, most folks went for the Mexican (including a new place, and the Taco truck).

Then we set up for Hall, which started close to the usual 7:30. We initiated Frater LC – congratz, Frater! – into our merry ways, and he seems to have enjoyed it so far. The ceremony itself had more than several hiccups (including mine), but I’m sure these will be ironed out at our next Officer’s Training. At the end of Hall, during wine + food, an impromptu but thorough business meeting was held, in which we discussed the new increased dues structure, and various other things.

Additionally, the upcoming OSOGD video day was announced – November 21, 2pm @ Arcadia – so mark your calendars! It seems the program will include “Holy Mountain”, and possibly selections from Kenneth Anger’s “Magick Lantern Cycle”, along with a Donald Duck short.

And that’s the scoop,