OSOGD Video Day

Yesterday, 11/21/15, the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn held its approximately annual Video Day at Arcadia.

While we sat around drinking beer, eating chips, salsa, + pineapple cake pastries, we watched 2 great flicks.

First, Walt Disney’s “Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land”, a 1959 mostly-animation explaining some of the sacred geometry + mathematics underlying the physical realm, without ever once using the word “sacred”, or even “mysterious”. Featuring one of the best math expositions ever on the pentagram.

Feeling nice + grounded after that, we proceeded to blast-off with Jodorowsky’s Mysterium Magnum Opus, “The Holy Mountain”. Most of those watching, who hadn’t seen it before, were generally left speechless, amid a few analytical murmurings. Those who had seen it, were treated to further revelations from this supreme celluloid gnosis.

Your reporter had to leave after that, but the others stayed for more food, + perhaps more film?

And, while I’m thinking about it, a good movie for next time might be Wojciech Has’ kabbalistic masterpiece, “The Saragossa Manuscript”.

And, a big thanks to Frater QES for hosting!

Frater NNV