OSOGD, January 2016. It Begins.

The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn convened this past Saturday, January 16.

The Education Session was actually our first real rehearsal of the Lunar Pantheacon ritual, and it is shaping up to be a powerful event. Now, I need to find some silver + purple clothing!

Then, feeling adventurous, some of us tried a nearby Chinese restaurant for dinner. Pretty tasty, good service, nice value, + minimal (although some) stomach rumblings.

Then back to the Temple for 2016’s first Hall of the Neophytes. Without an initiation to perform, we instead focused on enhancing our understanding + practice of the Mystic Circumambulation, courtesy of insights + techniques provided by Fraters QES + HOSV. I think we definitely upped our game here, thank you very much Fraters!

As usual, food, wine, + socializing ended the affair, as the Barque set sail into 2016.